Resolving disputes is hard ... We make it easy.

Dispute and chargeback management is a complicated process that demands careful attention and confident steps, especially during peak seasons, such as holiday shopping, tax time or back-to-school, when dispute volume can increase by as much as 30%. That's where Ubiquity Compliance Solutions comes in.

Dispute and chargeback management is not an ancillary part of our business, it's the core of what we do. We can help you navigate the complex maze of requirements and come out ahead because we have decades of experience, specialized knowledge, dedicated analysts, high retention, actionable auditing data and quality assurance.

We Offer: 


REG E/REG Z Compliance



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Compliance-Level Testing


Regulatory Remediation

With the nuances of Reg E and all of its timing requirements, combined with the specific network rules, getting through the whole dispute-and-chargeback process is technically challenging.
You have to have a really good process in place to make sure you’re in compliance.
— Eli A. Rosenberg, NBPCA Regulatory Counsel, Baird Holm LLP Associate

Trust Matters

Our clients trust us with their cardholders and their compliance. We interact with cardholders at their most vulnerable—when something has gone wrong. But we also protect our clients from fraudsters and friendly fraud, the latter of which is the source of 60%-80% of all chargebacks, according to LexisNexis Risk Solutions. 

And while Washington may be easing up on banking regulations, the CFPB's final rule on prepaid accounts, which goes into effect April 1, 2019, governs how prepaid card providers handle error resolution. For some providers, it's a new process. For others, it's a familiar process that's long been beset by high operational costs, compliance infractions, lost revenue or all of the above. We can change that.

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